Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Free Vacation? That's For Me!

If you have read anything on this blog, you know a little bit about me. . . I love to vacation, and I love to save money!

So, if I can win a free vacation, I'm in!

PureTalk USA is giving me (and you) that chance. All you have to do is enter on their website at and you can get up to 3 chances to win a vacation. First prize is a $250 hotel gift certificate, and if you're like me, you can probably find someplace to spend a long weekend for that money!

While you're at their website, check out their phone service. Simple and inexpensive. Plans start at just $10, and you can get unlimited talk & text for $39.95 / month. What I love about those prices, besides being less expensive than most cell phone plans, is that price is the price you pay -- no hidden taxes and surcharges to increase your final bill: that IS your final bill. Did I mention, no contract? That's right, you won't be locked into a contract with a hefty "early termination fee" - so what can you lose by giving them a try?

At least try to win a free vacation!

If you "like" them on facebook, they have a "Freebie Friday" winner every week, who can win anything from a free t-shirt to a free phone and service. I am living proof that anyone can win the freebie friday. I have a Samsung Eternity and 3 months of free PureTalk USA service, thanks to my incredible luck one Friday afternoon!

If I can get lucky enough to win a free phone and service, maybe I can get lucky enough to win a free vacation! One thing's for sure - someone is going to win, so it might as well be me (or you!). Good Luck!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summertime, Summertime, Sum Sum Summertime!

Memorial Day is just around the corner!
We all know what that means -- Vacation!
The pools are opening, the kids are getting out of school for the summer, the weather is getting warmer (or hotter!), and we are all getting geared up to GO SOMEWHERE!
Spring Fever Leads to Summer Vacation!
With gas prices so high this year (and we thought it was bad last summer!), we are trying to save money any way we can. Many families will be choosing "stay-cations," where they are just taking day trips to fun spots near where they live. This can be a great way to have some fun doing things just around the corner, you didn't even know were there!
If you're like me, though, you still want to get away somewhere. There's a big difference just NOT being at home for a few days. You don't have the "to-do list" lurking in the background, you don't have to worry about any obligations; you can just do what you want. We like to do a lot of lounging on our vacations. Although this mentality keeps us from seeing ALL the hot spots at our vacation destination, it brings us home relaxed and refreshed!
So we try to save money with our travel and lodging. One way we do this is with Endless Vacation Rentals. They offer discounted week-long stays at resorts around the country (and around the world, too), so you can spend the week at a resort for less than you would pay for a hotel room. You've got more room to stretch out, usually have a kitchen and living room, space for Mom & Dad & the kids to have their own rooms, and many times amenities that most hotels don't offer, such as some great activities for everyone.
Check out and use code SB72497650 to get an additional 10% off.
We also try not to vacation too far away, saving us a little bit on gas. Our kids are still pretty young (4 1/2 and 2), so they are not really good about being in the car for long periods. 3 - 5 Hours is about the longest we want to be in the car. So we plan our vacations for destinations fairly close to home, and let the kids watch DVDs in the car - but ONLY when we are going to be traveling far, so it's a treat!
Remember to stay safe, use sunscreen when you are in the sun, and stay cool when it's too hot out.
Have a great summer!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Autumn Vacation!

It's Fall! That means most of us are not thinking about vacation anymore. However, if you are able to get away on a flexible schedule, you can take advantage of HUGE Savings right now. You can get last minute deals, a week for $299, at Endless Vacation Rentals

I looked at Myrtle Beach. Not only are there vacations available, there are several available, right on the beach, even 2 bedroom condos! So, grab a group, or take your loved one, and have a great time at the beach.

You probably won't get to swim in the ocean, but a romantic stroll on the beach is always nice (let me warn you though, as I found out a few years ago, sand gets surprisingly COLD at night! - I'm not sure why that surprised me, but I like to walk barefoot on the sand, and I could feel the cold all the way up my legs!)

You can always get in some relaxing, shopping, and some of these resorts probably have indoor heated pools!

Be sure to use code SB72497650 to get an additional 10% off! And have a great vacation!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Great Vacation! - Too Bad It Had To End!

We just came back from a week in Myrtle Beach, SC. What a beautiful place! Unfortunately, it was too hot to get out and do anything. It has been between 90 and 100 degrees all day every day for quite some time now. It was so relaxing to just get to spend some downtime, though. My husband usually has to get up early to go to work, so he has to try to go to bed early. But for the week of vacation, we stay up until midnight or 1 am, and sleep until 10 or 11 am. The kids are night-owls, too, so they enjoy it. And the best part is, with the heat, we couldn't get out during the day, especially with the kids, so we just stayed in the resort or went sightseeing somewhere cool, until about 6 or 7 in the evening, when we ventured out to the beach a couple of nights. One night, a friend of mine came down to take some pictures of us at the beach - they turned out GORGEOUS, despite our 3 year old who wouldn't look at the camera, and our 1 year old who cried when we tried to get her to stand in the sand! When you take 600 pictures, you're bound to get something good! Our favorite place to go in Myrtle Beach is Ripley's Aquarium. Our son loves to see the fish, and our daughter is growing into that same love. We always try to hit some of the local restaurants that we don't get to enjoy when we are at home. My general rule for vacation is that we can't eat anywhere that we could eat at home - we did break that rule a couple times for a cheap lunch at Sam's Club or breakfast at McDonald's, but overall, I don't like to do it.

Our resort was so nice. We stayed at Barefoot Resort, in the Ironwood community. They are privately owned, and the owners rent them out for short term. We got a great deal, through Endless Vacation Rentals. We only spent $680 for the whole week (Saturday through Saturday - 7 nights)! We stayed in a 2 bedroom condo, with full kitchen and 2 baths. In case you are interested in how you can save that much on your next vacation - not just to Myrtle Beach, they have resorts all over the country and all over the world - check out If you use the code SB72497650, you can get 10% off their already ridiculously low prices. There is a section on that website for last minute vacations, where you can get a whole week for $399, and sometimes even less. So don't pay $150 / night for a hotel room when you can get a condo with some privacy and amenities for even less! Enjoy your next vacation.

We have decided that we prefer to vacation in late August or September, when the ocean is still warm, but the weather is starting to cool off. There were so many amenities that we did not get to take advantage of, just because of the heat. But . . . If you're willing to suffer in the heat, go ahead and vacation in the next few weeks - check out to see how much you can save by Vacationing In Luxury!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Spring Is In The Air

Ahhh! The Smell Of Spring!
Fresh Air drifts through the open windows, along with the pollen. For some reason, we all love to vacation in the summer. I guess that's why they call it "spring fever," when this time of year comes around, and our mind drifts to our next big getaway.
We have to start thinking about packing, and if you are like me, you are probably going to overpack. I started thinking about packing today, because I am working on clearing out a room, and ran across some luggage that my husband and I have not used in the 5 years since we got married. We are working on clearing out some clutter, because we are trying to get a bedroom prepared for our 1-year old daughter. The clutter in my home is just another example of my propensity to overpack. When I go on vacation, I always bring more than I need, and come home with even more. My sister is the opposite, and although her advice has not yet served me, I will share it with you. She always makes exact plans for the vacation, and what she will wear for each occasion. If she has an outfit packed, her husband will ask her, "Where are you going to wear that?" and if she has another outfit for that same occasion, or has no answer, the outfit stays home. Seems simple enough, right? Well, good luck with that!
And enjoy your spring fever, as you prepare for your vacation. If you are still looking for somewhere to go, check out If you use the code on the right side of this page, you can get an additional 10% discount on their already low prices for nights and even weeks at resort locations all over the country and even international.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Getting Really Excited About Vacation!

I must confess, I'm one of those people who daydreams about vacation for months ahead of time. This year is no exception. In fact, it may be worse this year, because this is our 5 Year Anniversary, and we are going back to where we Honeymooned! You guessed it, we got a great deal! You see, on our Honeymoon, we paid about $600 to stay a week at Sunrise Ridge Resort in Pigeon Forge, TN, so we were looking for that kind of deal. This year, we are taking our two kids and heading to Gatlinburg, TN, where we found a week at Mountainloft Resort, just 2 miles from Downtown Gatlinburg, for $600, thanks to (Endless Vacation Rentals, by Wyndham Worldwide). The best part: you don't have to pay any sort of membership fee or buy a timeshare to get that price. If you use code SB72497650, you can get it for even less, 10% off! So, Enjoy YOUR Vacation.
We only have 3 months until our vacation. I know, that seems like a long time, but with the weather getting warmer, I just keep thinking about it. I love to daydream about my vacation, it just seems to last longer that way. And why not daydream about it, when I am saving so much money too?

Monday, February 15, 2010

No Time Share For Me! I Prefer To Save My Money!

At every Time Share Presentation I’ve been to, the salesman is selling you on being able to vacation in luxury. He is telling you how inconvenient it is to put your whole family into a tiny hotel room, when you could buy his time share ownership, and be able to stay in a one-, two-, or three-bedroom condo or cabin. Everyone has their own space, and you are not stepping all over each other. All the comforts of home, with the fun of being away from home.

I completely agree with these salesmen, but can’t bear to part with the tens of thousands of dollars to buy into the time share, in addition to the monthly or yearly maintenance fees. For my family, the maintenance fees are about the same amount of money that we spend on our vacation each year, so it just doesn’t make sense.

Most people have been to a Time Share Presentation, and therefore most people have somehow gotten to stay at the resort without being time share owners. There has to be a way around it.

With a time share, you own a deed to a particular piece of real estate. I don’t see the point in this, because I certainly don’t want to vacation at the same location every year. I know, that was the old time share; now I trade points for vacations at my choice of locations. So why do I still own the deed? The only thing I can figure out is that I have to own the deed so they can charge me the maintenance fees for that resort – the one I don’t want to go to every year!

I’ve found a better way! There are several websites where you can book a vacation at a luxury resort for $200 - $1000 for a whole week! Take a look at these sites, and enjoy your next vacation in luxury!